Safety & Security

The Internet by design is an open, unregulated place. We understand the vital importance of protecting your privacy and security. Our friendly, professional and highly skilled staff will help you implement technical safeguards, proactive monitoring and, should they be required, emergency response. We are here to serve and protect!

Security Updates

  • Security updates for your computer’s operating system and applications are one of the front lines of your computer defense. Our technicians research vendors’ patches to understand their security implications for your specific environment. Then we automatically update your systems to mitigate these potential vulnerabilities that might be exploited.

Viruses & Spyware

  • Viruses, spyware and malware can reduce your systems’ performance, comprise the integrity and privacy of your information and completely disable your computers. Our technicians install and keep up to date the last protection software and run periodic scans of your computers. These keep your systems running efficiently and avoid the loss or exposure of sensitive data. Should your computers become infected, we will decontaminate and restore your systems so that you are once again running safely and securely.


  • Your identity can be stolen. Your sensitive files can be exposed. Your data can be compromised. Our technicians will help you to assess your risk and, as necessary, encrypt your emails, documents, backups and other private information. We can implement military strength encryption tools to protect your passwords, files/folders and network communications.


  • Your networks are constantly being scanned by intruders, who are intent on stealing your information or creating havoc with your systems. Our technicians use a combination of software and hardware firewalls to control access to your incoming and outgoing network traffic. These are proactively monitored so that we are notified if an attack is underway and can take immediate remedial actions.

User Protection

  • Users can be the weakest part of your security system. Our technicians can help you, your family and your staff be more proactive in securing your systems. For example, we can set-up account policies so that passwords are difficult to crack and need to be changed regularly. For your children, we can block access to inappropriate sites. For companies that work with sensitive customer data, we can monitor for unusual network activity.