Network Cabling & Equipment

Network cables and equipment are the nerve center of your technology. Our friendly, professional and highly skilled technicians have decades of experience designing, building and maintaining networks. No matter whether you need to network your home or company’s office, we are your experts.

Network Cabling

  • One of the most frustrating areas of computer technology is poorly installed cabling. Our certified technicians provide you with wiring plans; install your cabling to industrial specifications; test for signal, cross talk, distance, continuity and attenuation; and label each cable, connector, outlet, jack, patch panel and terminal block. Our mission is to eliminate wiring problems, keep your home and office looking neat and professional, and expedite diagnosing and repairing your systems.

Network Equipment

  • Networking equipment connects your systems to the Internet, enables Wi-Fi in your home or office, lets you divide your internal network for performance or security reasons, routes your cables efficiently, and improves your signal strength or bandwidth. Our technicians design the most efficient, secure and cost-effective network for your situation, and then install and maintain this equipment throughout its entire lifecycle.