Backup, Sync & Recovery

We live in a connected world. We are in a never-ending cycle of communicating, consuming and creating information. The key to having your data everywhere is ensuring critical information is never lost and always available. Wherever you are and whenever you want, our friendly, professional and highly skilled technicians securely and reliably backup your personal and professional data.

Computer Backup

  • Our technicians can setup automated scheduled backups of your entire computer as well as the latest versions of your emails, documents and multimedia files. These backups can be stored on local external drives, on your network storage devices and on cloud-based services such as Google, Mozy or Dropbox. We can encrypt your backup files to make sure that your sensitive information is protected. Your backups are monitored to make sure that the processes ran as expected, and if not, we will make sure that everything is reset so that none of your data is lost.

Network Storage Backup

  • Network Storage devices are designed specifically with features to ensure that your data is never lost and always available. Your data can include all your critical emails, documents and multimedia files. Disk mirroring is a technique that writes, in real-time, any information you save to physically identical disks whether they are located in the same server or anywhere on the Internet. Disk cloning is an automated and scheduled process that copies the exact contents of one disk to another. Incremental and full backup files can also be written to tried and true tape drives making for easy off-site physical storage. Our technicians setup, administer and monitor these backup procedures to make sure that your data is securely available should you need it restored.

Cloud Backup

  • Our technicians can set up a cloud-based Mozy™ solution that automatically and regularly backs up your files. The Mozy™ cloud uses military-grade security and world-class data management, all from storage leader EMC. More than 6 million individuals and 100,000 businesses back up more than 90 petabytes of information to Mozy data centers around the globe. Files are transmitted and stored using the same encryption standards employed by the military and trusted federal banking institutions. EMC data centers employ the highest security standards, including 24×7 monitoring, temperature controls, backup power supplies, seismic bracings, fire suppression systems, and biometric scanners. Your data will be safe and available when we set up a Mozy™ cloud-based backup system for you.

Cloud Synchronization

  • Cloud synchronization lets you automatically sync a folder or file to a cloud-based service such as Google, Microsoft Live or Dropbox. This means when you save a file on any of your devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet or computer) that has the cloud-based application installed, you can immediately access the same file from your other devices. Our technicians can install, setup rules and administer cloud synchronization services for you, your family and your employees so that files can be securely and privately shared anywhere and anytime.

Disaster Recovery

  • If your hardware or software stops working, our technicians will rapidly restore all your applications and files, with little or no data loss. The key to your successful recovery is all the backup procedures that we will have put in place together. We can restore your new or existing computers with all the latest data that we’ve backed up. We can make sure that the files on all your phones and tablets are once again synchronized.

Data Restoration

  • If you, a family member or one of your employees accidently deletes a file, can’t find an important email or needs a previous version of an important document, our technicians will make their best efforts to restore it as quickly as possible. Once again, the key to a successful restoration is all the backup procedures that we will have put in place together.